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      Zarządzanie Przedsiębiorstwem. Enterprise Management is a peer-reviewed, international, multidisciplinary journal covering a broad spectrum of topics which include innovation, production engineering and management. The journal aims at advancing the theoretical and applied knowledge of these rapidly evolving areas and popularizing them among the public. The journal concentrates mainly on the work of creative employees and task groups. Other areas of interest include search for innovative solutions, managing innovation, modelling innovative products development, improv- ing innovative processes and organization, managing innovative projects, funding entrepreneurship and innovation, creating eco-innovations, commercializing as well as transferring technologies and intellectual property protection, implementing innovative processes and production systems, organizing production processes, managing production knowledge and computer integrated management of production flow; assuring quality management, supply chain optimization and logistics as well as enterprise effectiveness and productivity. The main purpose of Zarządzanie Przedsiębiorstwem. Enterprise Management is to publish the results of the cutting-edge research advancing the concepts, theories and implementation of innovation management as well as new solutions into modern manufacturing processes. Papers presenting original research results related to innovation production, engineering and management education are also welcome. We look forward to original papers written in Polish or English. The Journal also publishes technical briefs, discussions of previously published papers, book reviews, and editorials.