Editorial standards necessary to qualify a scientific article for publication in the journal
Zarządzanie Przedsiębiorstwem. Enterprise Management
published under the auspices of the Polish Association for Production Management

  1. The Journal’s initial verification process of a submitted article with particular regard to the formal and editorial requirements for an article to be published.
  2. Assessment of the linguistic quality of the article.
  3. An article can be returned to the author requesting added correction and further proofreading, or the article can be rejected for publication if the above mentioned conditions set out in points one and two are not met.
  4. Verification of the requested corrections with special regard paid to points one and two.
  5. Appointment of two reviewers who specialize in the article’s subject matter.
  6. Submission of the article by the Editorial Office for peer-review.
  7. The author or authors will receive notification, including the peer-review, from the Editor-in-Chief regarding whether an article is accepted or rejected for publication. Any required changes must take place within a period of two weeks from the time of notification.
  8. Added analysis of the requested changes made to the article by the author or authors. When deemed necessary, the article will be sent for a second peer-review.
  9. Final proofreading and correction.
  10. Submission of the article for typesetting and printing.