Guidelines for reviewing

Guidelines for reviewing scientific articles submitted for publication in the journal
Zarządzanie Przedsiębiorstwem. Enterprise Management
under the auspices of the Polish Association for Production Management

  1. At least two independent reviewers employed by an institution other than the author’s (authors’) are appointed to peer-review each scientific article.
  2. In each case at least one of the reviewers is from a foreign institution unaffiliated with the nationality of the author (authors).
  3. A double-blind peer-review process has been adopted, where authors and reviewers do not know each other’s identities.
  4. A peer-review is submitted in an electronic format and is concluded with an unequivocal statement regarding whether an article is worthy of publication or not.
  5. Guidelines for accepting and rejecting an article as well as the paper review form are available on the journal’s website.
  6. The surnames of the reviewers of each submitted article or reviewers of each issue of the journal are not revealed; once a year a full list of the journal’s reviewers is published, though.
  7. The reviewers are appointed by the Editor-in-chief after consultation with the appropriate Deputy Editor.